It is a privilege and a unique opportunity, as Editor of NJMS, to present this edition of the journal. This issue of the NJMS is motivated by the desire to bring together papers that reflect the richness of current research into management science, bearing in mind its recent development as an area of interest. NJMS is a veritable window of opportunities for management scholars. It is our hope that this contribution shall be a milestone in the history and development of management research and education in the Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Lagos. The current issue contains ten critically peer-reviewed scholarly papers with useful contribution to the advancement of management studies in Nigeria. The collection of papers demonstrates that there is much to be gained both in a theoretical and practical sense through continued in-depth management research. The papers published range from different disciplines such as accounting, business, finance, industrial relations and insurance.

The Editorial Board has endeared to ensure that the standards herein utilized meet and indeed surpass those of some other reputable journals worldwide. The diverse nature of articles from both internal and external contributors has added value to the current edition. We invite and in fact, would encourage scholarly research papers from our sister universities and from intellectuals internationally. Our reviewers are very tenacious and fearless in their judgments. There were many articles rejected outright while the majority of those appearing in this volume passed through extensive and painstaking efforts of both the reviewers and the authors themselves to reach this stage. We seize this opportunity to thank all our reviewers and our contributors for keeping to our philosophy and equally enjoin authors whose works have not succeeded in getting published not to relent.

We welcome your comments and constructive criticisms at all time so that we can improve on this output for subsequent editions. We hereby renew our promise of a regular and timely publication of papers sent to our journal after a successful blind review process. The Editorial Board thanks the Faculty Management for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. We are particularly grateful for the immense support received from the Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences, his continual persistence on actualizing the faculty mission of regular publication of its journal to promote scholarship, advance knowledge and for approving the funds for the publication of this issue.

Dr. O. A. Akintunde Co-editor

Department of Business Administration

Faculty of Management Sciences

University of Lagos