Nigerian Journal of Management Studies (NJMS)

Editor in Chief

Professor O. L. Kuye, Dean Faculty of Management Sciences University of Lagos Email:

Co-Editors Dr. O. A. Akintunde, Department of Business Administration,  Faculty of Management Sciences University of Lagos Email:
Dr. Dumebi Ideh, Department of Human Resourse, Faculty of Management Sciences University of Lagos Email:

Members of the Editorial Board
Professor Dafe Otobo, Unilag Professor S. B. Adeyemi, Unilag Professor W. Iyiegbuniwe, Unilag Dr. F. Ayim, Unilag Professor S. I. Owualah, Unilag Dr. (Mrs.) S. O. Ajibolade, Unilag Professor A. A. Sulaimon, Unilag Dr. P. K. A. Ladipo, Unilag Professor E. O. Omolehinwa, Unilag Professor B. E. A. Oghojafor, Unilag Professor R. O. Ayorinde, Unilag Dr. Seyi Shadare, Unilag Professor (Mrs.) Esther Adegbite, Unilag Dr. (Mrs.) B. N. Dixon-Ogbechi, Unilag Professor Ade Ibiwoye, Unilag Dr. J. Oluwafemi, Unilag Professor Ayo Olowe, Unilag Dr. O. J. Ige, Unilag Professor J. N. Mojekwu, Unilag Dr. (Mrs) R. A. Danesi, Unilag Professor Sola Fajana, Unilag Dr. O. J. George, Unilag Professor T. O. Asaolu, OAU Dr. A. A. Akinwale, Unilag Professor P. E. Oribabor, OAU Dr. A. I. Adeleke, Unilag Professor Jimi Adesina, UI Dr. S. A. Adebisi, Unilag Professor E. O. Oyatoye, Unilag Dr. A. S. Kasum, University of Ilorin Dr. Owolabi M. Bakre, Queen Mary, UK Dr. (Mrs.) O. A. Owoyemi, Unilag Dr. S. Lauwo, University of Essex, UK Dr. T. O. Fagbemi, University of Ilorin Emeritus Professor Pesi Amara, University of Sarasola, Florida, USA

Business Manager Mr. Augustine Isimoya