Human Capital Development and Organizational Performance in the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Industry in Lagos State. Nigeria

  • Olufemi Akintunde University
  • A. A Dawodu
Keywords: Human capital, Human Capital Development, Training, Development, Organisational Performance, Manufacturing Companies


The role of human capital in the transformation of material resources into finished goods and services cannot be overemphasised considering it significant importance in any productive organisation. As important as human capital is in the transformation process, inadequate training and development have over time tender this objective impossible with severe effect on the organisational performance level. This situation has become more worrisome in the Nigerian Food, Beverage and Tobacco industry. The present study focused on human capital development and organisational performance in the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Industry in Lagos State, Nigeria. Total copies of two hundred and seventy-six (276) returned questionnaire was used for data analyses. A stratified random sampling technique on the basis of the respondents’ job classification in each of the seven companies was used to administer the research questionnaire. The study used Pearson coefficient of correlation to test the research hypothesis. The coefficient of correlation indicated there is a significant relationship between human capital development and organisational performance with 0.000 value at 0.001 percent (2 tailed). The study concluded that human capital development may improve the performance of the seven manufacturing companies investigated. The study, thus, recommended that human capital development should be accorded a premium place in the upgrading of people skills, knowledge and abilities particularly when it comes to preparing and grooming people for the present and future roles in an organisation