Employees’ Career Planning and Organisational Performance in the Food, Beverage, and Tobacco Industry in Lagos State, Nigeria

  • A. A Dawodu University
  • A. E. Badejo University of Lagos
  • B. S. Olulana Yaba College of Technology
Keywords: Career planning, Career Development, Organisational Performance; Manufacturing Companies


Employees’ career planning has received more attention in research recently owing to its significant role in helping the workforce to discover and develop on the opportunities available to them in an organisation. However, employees’ career planning in many Food, Beverage, and Tobacco manufacturing organisation in Lagos State, is becoming more worrisome as a result of the poor attention accorded it. The present study, therefore, examines the effect of employees’ career planning on organisational performance in the Food, Beverage, and Tobacco Industry in Lagos State. A simple linear regression was used to test the hypothesis of the study. The result showed a p-value of 0.0002, which is less than a=0.05, indicating a positive relationship. The author concluded that employees’ career planning influences organisational performance. The author recommended that employees’ career planning would aid performance positively in an organisation provided that all parties involved played their expected roles